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Automotive Instant Lending
Fintech Platform

Assured Auto Loan

Loan Eligibility Forecast

Loan Eligibility Forecast

10,00,000 Vehicle Price

Loan Value


Down Payment




//About Kuwy
Digital Platform
End to End Digital Loan Processing

Instant Auto Loan Approval

Auto Loans now simplified. All you need to do is to download the Kuwy app and upload the documents. Kuwy app will instantly give you the Loan approval with the accurate Loan Value basis your eligibility and past repayment behaviour. Get rewarded for maintaining a healthy credit profile with High Loan Value , Longer tenure and Lower interest rates

Customer - Vehicle Match

The Customer and the Vehicle is verified digitally and the Kuwy Loan matching algorithm suggests the Best lender basis the customer profile crawling over 30M Loan Performance data

Credit Decision Engine

Kuwy‘s advanced Credit decision engine for auto loans works in harmony with the latest technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning , Deep Learning and Machine vision systems

Sameday Disbursal

Powered by Kuwy end to end technology enabled systems, Disbursal TAT for Lenders has now improved multiple folds across Banks, NBFCs and Private Lenders. Customers now. Drive home their dream on the same day

Title Transfer

With Kuwy Documentation support, Lenders now have a hassle free Loan book with title transfer clearance prior to disbursal. Active support on the Title and Insurance transfer ensured within 15 days from Loan Disbursal.

Technology //

How our product works

Our Core Technology

Percolating technology deep across each step in the Loan process, Kuwy spearheads the Fintech play as a dominant leader leveraging technology to improve efficiency and to eliminate delays. Kuwy Credit Engine acts as a catalyst for facilitating Instant disbursal

Artifical Intelligence

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Why we used AI

Artificial intelligence is the emerging technology which is being applied across fintech platform for interpretation of data, business operation, decision making and forecasting.Kuwy uses AI as a key enabler from eligibility forecast to the point of creating customised loan offers for our consumers.The critical gap in the market is identifying the right lender for the customer and the same is bridged through AI based Lender Selection algorithm (LSA) and streamlining Profile based Product Offering (PPO) from lenders without any manual intervention

Machine Learning

02. -

Advantage of Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) has moved from the periphery to the very center of the technology boom. Fintech is best positioned with the huge data sets and resources to take advantage of machine learning and can significantly contribute by increasing data protection and customer engagement, among other things.Many financial organizations today have moved from using traditional predictive analysis to using machine learning algorithms to forecast loan approval basis Customer profile and Kuwy in this area has mastered the art.

Deep Learning

03. -

Benefits of Deep Learning

When it comes to lending, financial processing, underwriting, and decision making could be altered by deep learning technologies. The ability to process data in deeper, more sophisticated ways, and in a shorter amount of time, than humans are capable of means that deep learning algorithms can make more accurate decisions in a fraction of the time.

The major benefit is the ability for a deep learning algorithm to plough deep into data on an individual basis, testing for fraud, risk, and any important mitigating factors affecting loan approval. Such algorithms can analyse an applicant‘s financial status in the context of current market trends

Click & Drive Technology

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Loan Digital Under Writing

Kuwy’s Loan Decision Engine, Under Writes a Used Car Transaction within minutes


Loan Documents, Borrower, References, Seller, Vehicle, Bank Statement, Home & Office FI are Digitally Verified


Loan Sanction, RCU, Contracting, Delivery Order, Loan Disbursement & PDD are done instantly

Each step of the loan origination process is Digitized

Used Car Loans are disbarsed in 24 hoursb TAT

Instant Vehicle Delivery an the same day of loan Application

Kuwy Process

Download App

Kuwy app is the one point stop for all your Vehicle Loan needs. Click here to download the app


Check Loan Eligibility

Kuwy Loan forecast tool combined with an innovative customer and vehicle scoring algorithm provides the Customer with Quantitative Loan eligibility instantly and accurately


Lender Selection

We match the customer profile with the Lender credit criteria. Our credit rule engine fetches the right lender for the Customer in seconds with assured disbursal


Instant Approval

Through Technology enabled credit connection, Lenders can now view verified customer and vehicle information and automate credit appraisal for instant approval to customers


Upload Documents

Now upload all documents through our mobile app and track your loan progress from application to disbursal through an intuitive and responsive mobile application



Kuwy promises Loan Disbursal within 48 hours from the point of document upload by Customers. The industry breaking TAT is achieved by End to End Digital value chain fostered by technology


Loan Product


In an era of Lead Generation, Kuwy innovates the Direct Loan Origination through Instant Digital Verification followed by a hybrid documentation process. Kuwy is transforming the industry from Lead Generation to Direct Loan origination


Kuwy Benefits

Class Leading Platform

In an era of Lead Generation, Kuwy innovates the Direct Loan Origination through Instant Digital Verification followed by a hybrid documentation process. Kuwy is transforming the industry from Lead Generation to Direct Loan origination

Value Proposition to Stakeholder

  • Customer


    Finding the Right Lender

    Certified Vehicles

    Access to Credit

    Best Loan Terms

    Digital Verification

    Faster Delivery

    Digital Documentation

    Paper Transfer

    Faster Payments

  • Lender


    Accessing the Right Customer

    Paper Transfer

    Loan Stack

    Vehicle Certification

    Instant Eligibility

    Digital Verification

    Digital Documentation

    Dealers / DSAS

    Location Coverage

    Laon Products

    Credit Platform

    Los Integration

  • Dealer


    Accelerated Turnover

    Pre-approved Customers

    Access to Credit

    Instant Eligibility

    Digital Verification

    Digital Documentation

    Faster Payments

    Best Loan Terms

    Faster Delivery

    Instant Payout

    Paper Transfer

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